Our  vision is to unite, built a common ground for all descendants and affiliates from Kono, help the needy, restore confidence in Kono Children so that they can believe there is another tomorrow for them.

Donation to School Children in Kono

Donation to School Children in Kono


With all that are from Kono and affiliates is to unite struggle and develop our beloved Kono/Sierra Leone, by supporting Education, promote health care, help the under privilege people and the district as a whole.
our aim shall be helping ourselves in the diaspora during happiness and tribulation then help with the development of members.
Members shall be given support to Kono district and Sierra Leone as a whole, that is; during time of disaster, supporting school,medical equipment, medicines and members supporting each other during festivities, sickness, bereavement, marriages and other problems.  


 The Aim of the Organization shall be to provide project and programs of social, educational and recreational activities within a safe and secure environment. Members given support to the Kono district as a whole, during time of disaster, supporting school, medical equipment, medicines and members supporting each other during festivities, sickness, bereavement, marriages and in tribulations

  • A commitment to raise fund to facilitate development in Kono district
  • To help less fortunate Students with their fees and Vulnerable People.
  • The provision of resources and building capacities to community organization that will benefit the descendant and affiliation of Kono district.
  • The development of beliefs, build Schools/ University in Kono, and helping our selves abroad in festivals, tribulation and development of the youths.
  • cropped-1510552_223806504476028_1289957557_n.jpgThe Organization will be guided by the following objectives:
    • To promote wild range of fund raising activities suitable for the organization stage of development and raise awareness support activist in other to crusade human right.
    • Shall support members in their personal and social development if requested to encourage unity, built self-esteem and confidence in members, help the Kono district and affiliation.
    • To help youths in social development and their personal needs for a positive change that will make them useful in the community of residence so that they will help aid the development of the Kono district.
    • To execute community services and project in the UK and Sierra Leone that will benefit the descendant and affiliations Kono to reduce poverty rate in both countries and increase literacy rate.
    • To give young people the chance to take part in meetings and social activities to express their view and become key players and take an active roles in planning and management of activities for the development of Kono.
    • 12369163_10206392719390854_7385854268552031701_nTo help ourselves to increase sympathetic feeling and respect for our traditions and those of others by getting in to agenda that will bring reflection to the principles of equality, diversity and self-belief.
    • To conduct meetings for negotiations provide tutorial and training community and social event in the UK pertaining Kono culture and tribes of Sierra Leone.
    • To assist both young and old aware of their right and responsibilities as active citizens in the world at large, Sierra Leone and Kono in particular so that will be able to change and help with the poverty situation in Kono District.
      Donating in Kono

      Donating Educational Materials in Kono/Sierra Leone

      To promote the welfare and safety of youth vulnerable people disabled and women and children in their tribulations and secure the natural science and resources of the Kono district, encourage Kono culture and cultural dance in the UK and Sierra Leone to raise awareness within our youth that are born outside Kono district. 

    • To ascertain UK provisional committees of charity to further charity matters in the united kingdom and Sierra Leone, help other agencies with information about Kono and her habitation assist student academic institutions and individual All From Kono And Affiliates Organisation is form with the vision to help unite, develope the life and confidence of her habitat/Affiliates both in Sierra Leone and Abroad.

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