Kono is in the Eastern Area which is a District of Sierra Leone in its own right, which derived from the word (TAMAKONO), meaning wait for me there; with a broken city call Koidu Town and a prominent and developed town during SLST and NDMC Yengema.

Kono District produces more minerals and has the largest Diamonds in Sierra Leone, with a minute population fewer than five hundred thousand (500,000) assumption, i am using assumption because i do not know the number of descendants living abroad.

Kono is ethnically the most diverse District in Sierra Leone, with main towns like Koidu City, second City Yengema, Jaima Sewafe, Jaima Nimikoro, Masabendu and Junction (Condama), Sandor, Tombodu, Mambudu checkpoint, Motema, Njagbama Fearma, Seima, and kaikundu.


Kono District suffered the most during the War, in terms of destruction, killing and it was constantly in fighting because the Diamond rich reserved in Sierra Leone, the population was closed to one million (1,000,000), which include all tribes in Sierra Leone which makes Kono the most diverse District.

One thing i will like all Kono descendants and people living there now, let us come together and develop Kono in our own little way, by becoming a member and donating to the organization folllow the links’ below.

To become a member email your full name and email to; corpetehjames424@gmail.com. Or.

email: allfromkono.org@outlook.com

Pledge to all people from Kono, siblings and allies and entire Sierra Leone people shall we come together and recognize January 6th, as a remembrance day, as its start the end of the war which is considers the bloodiest day of the war in Sierra Leone.

Don’t ask how are we going to achieve this just believe, say to yourself and friends yes we can, at list let us have a day to remember about the ten years bloody war, it was not funny, even if you were not there but it must have affected you in some way.